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 Board President’s Message
Best Wishes for a
Very Happy Holiday Season
TBy Cheryl Turner, President of the Board of Directors
he holidays are here again! Despite the economic shutdown this and last year, we can all begin to breathe a sigh of relief since the state of California is now officially reopened. Many of you continue to work and meet remotely. Some of your businesses may have made the decision that it is more economically feasible to do
so. However,thefactsremainthatbusinesses,schools,sporting events, theme parks, restaurants, bars, salons, and barber shops are now open. Since the entire state has reopened, it is deeply frustrating that the City of Los Angeles maintains that it is still in a state of an emergency, and consequently, no one living in theCityisableto paytheirrent.Restassured,wewillcontinue to fight this issue through our government advocacy efforts, housing provider mobilization, and through the court system.
Let’s take a look at some of the great things we accomplished this past year despite COVID-19, and the so-called left leaning, progressive bent of our legislature concerning property rights. Our lobbyists worked with the Governor’s office and the legislature to reach an end date to the statewide rent/ eviction moratorium. At the same time, our legal fund helped to support a lawsuit against the state of California to challenge the constitutionality of their rent/eviction moratorium. The great news is that the state of California has ended its eviction far, so good.
Our rent registry lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles is still winding its way through the court system. It clearly lays out the legal arguments that have helped us to argue against and defeat efforts by the state legislature to propose a law intended to impose a statewide rent registry. Our other cases involving the City’s rent increase freeze and eviction moratorium, and the city’s trash hauling monopoly are also still winding their way to the United States Supreme Court.
More recently, we have worked with the Los Angeles City Council to support their efforts to transfer the funding and the administration of their rent assistance program to the state which has demonstrated that it will distribute the funds faster to our housing providers so that we can keep our tenants housed.
We have worked with both the state’s legislature and the Loss Angeles County Tax Collector’s office to provide you and every other real property owner with a waiver of property tax late fees and penalties, if you request a waiver based on COVID-19 or some other natural disaster. We have worked to stop a state Assembly Member’s attempt to create a 25% gross rent tax and a state Senator’s attempt to raise your property taxes to establish the creation of a new commission designed to create more regulations and tax your rental property investments. I have also been involved in elections for the Senate and
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