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 Executive Director’s Message
Shall We Call “It”
Irony or Hypocrisy, or Both?
 By Daniel Yukelson
“I-ro-ny” the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.
I“Hi-poc-crisy” the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform, pretense.
being vilified, and seemingly being forced out of business with ill-conceived, overregulation. We are being driven into a ditch with almost no way to pull ourselves out. The whole world has gone crazy.
As the events over the past year and a half or so have played out, I have observed many things (some off the beaten path and far from the rental housing business) that are just tainted in hypocrisy or irony that I felt a need to dedicate my editorial or this monologue, if you will, to pointing these things out. So here it goes...don’t shoot the messenger. It is my attempt at sarcastic humor...although my wife tells me there is some truth in ever joke.
Wearing Masks
Unless someone is wearing an N-95 mask, was it really helping? Surge after surge after surge, lockdowns, eviction moratoriums, etc. and seemingly nothing is stopping it. What they do teach future healthcare workers in college, though, is that viruses adapt over time – if they kill off their hosts, the viruses cannot survive and they die themselves, so in order to survive, viruses eventually stop killing, which is why the Delta variant is less deadly. How many of us have had skin irritations by wearing masks, or what impacts will breathing in all the fibers in our masks have on our long-term health? Was it worth putting so many out of work, and shutting down one of the best, if not the best, economies in history? Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease itself – I predict history will prove this. Irony!
The Taliban
As I sadly watched 20 years of lost American and ally lives, and trillions of dollars go to waste, I had to take note that we here in America enjoy something in common these days with the new Afghanistan government, the Taliban. Americans and Taliban alike find pleasure in destroying statues and erasing history. We have seen too much of statue defacing and destroying in the recent past, and too many attempts at changing recorded history and history lessons in school. Perhaps we can use this common ground to build a long-lasting peaceful relationship. Somehow, I don’t think so. Irony!
The Southern Border
Record numbers are coming across our Southern border and overwhelming our immigration authorities, and local resources in states like Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. While along the border, California does not seem to concern itself with the stream of immigrants coming in, but they are making their way someplace. “Coming soon to Section 8 Housing near you!” There’s no place to put many of these new immigrants, particularly as quickly as they are reportedly coming in. Sadly,
must admit. After accepting this job as Executive Director just over four years ago, I have become a cynic and suddenly find myself filled with venom and sarcasm. But how can I possibly help myself and feel otherwise? Protecting the rights of those of us, and I am among you, that have made sacrifices so that we could invest in a “piece of real estate” in hopes that someday we can supplement our retirement income and support ourselves later in life, pay for our medical needs, provide ourselves
with food, clothing, and help out family during our retirement years.
There are some of you among us that have taken a far bigger “plunge” into investing in income properties, and good for you for seeing opportunities at the time you invested. But, for many of us, we are the “moms and pops” of the world, individual owners, small businesspeople tinkering around in the real estate “biz,” and once we stop working our fulltime jobs, the one or few income properties we own combined with whatever savings we may have cobbled together and some Social Security sprinkled on top, is about all “we got.” That’s about it!
We are the only ones that provide badly needed housing – there’s a housing shortage in California for G-d’s sakes! We could have invested in stocks and bonds on Wall Street, and had a great ride these past few years, yet we figured rental real estate was a far safer bet, but that was until the “iron curtain of rent control” fell down upon us, and more recently and far worse, the “evils of eviction moratoriums” were forced down our throats as a result of our governments’ knee-jerk reaction to a pandemic. It is certainly ironic that our government officials and renters would believe that we can afford to deliver our services for free and for so long. It is entirely hypocritic that renters would believe their housing, at no cost, is a given right bestowed at birth kind of like voting or free speech. I liken it more to driving, which is a privilege, and not a right. The whole thing is just so messed up, isn’t it?!!
It is as if we are living within a Superman comic book, the so-called “Bizarro World.” Here we are busting our “you know what’s” to provide clean, safe, affordable housing, but yet we are

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