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                 Executive Director’s Message
many who are escaping terrible conditions back home and some are coming for other purposes (hello drug cartels). But in less than a year of a new administration, it appears things are careening out of control here and are far worse than before. And the current administration refuses to “own it.” Hypocrisy!
And, by the way, are they wearing masks as the cross the border? Have they been vaccinated? Are they arriving here in our country and ending up homeless living on the streets? That’s sad.
The Northern Border
I have to giggle that our friends to the North, the Canadians (you know, those great hockey playing neighbors of ours), as of the date I am writing this, cannot come across the border due to the pandemic. Yet, our friends to the South, many whom surely have not been vaccinated, come into the U.S., are arrested, or escape without notice, and eventually melt into our great melting pot. Fortunately, there have been a few MS-13 gang members captured in the process, but who really knows how many gang members or of the drug cartels have joined us here for the American Dream? Stop vaccinated Canadians... Go Southern border crossings and collect $200 for passing go. Irony! Hypocrisy!!
Dining Out
Coming to a city near in the City of New York, in order to dine inside a restaurant, work out in a gym, or participate in a multitude of other indoor activities (unless, in the case of New
York City you happen to be a musician or performer, and then all bets are off...), patrons must show proof of vaccination and... get this...a photo identification. Irony! To get yourself a meal at a restaurant, got to show your photo ID, but to vote...? When I think that renters were merely able to speak the word “COVID” to avoid months of rent payments without giving owners a chance to verify our tenants’ COVID-19 related financial impacts, its pure hypocrisy in my little mind.
As eviction moratoriums expire and we go back to work, hopefully the masks, shutdowns, changing rules, etc. will be put to bed. While for some, going without paying rent, not working, and getting government subsidies to stay home beats working, I hope those of us who have fully taken advantage of a bad situation, the narcissists, get back to work and pay their past due rent along with their current rent. That’s only fair. And, most importantly, let’s just hope the government soon leaves us alone to do our jobs of housing those individuals in our communities.
For the long-term, I do have my concerns about these new tools our government seems to enjoy, though. In the Twilight Zone... what if we have a bad flu outbreak next year or the year after? More eviction moratoriums? Another freeze on rent increases? That’s really a scary thought...but, if you are one of our elected officials here in California, why should you wait for the next global pandemic? Somehow, I am certain that government will always have its knee on our necks...and we will have trouble breathing.
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