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 AAGLA Welcomes Its New Members
1206 Orange Grove Apartments
1485 Beverly Apartments
1629 Formosa Apartments
1960 Sherbourne Apartments 200 West Ocean
20326 Cohasset Street
301 Ocean Avenue
4410 Avocado Apartments
606 North Rodeo Drive
7615 Norton Apartments
8533 Cashio Apartments
888 Hilgard Apartment
Aaron Chou
Abihail Garcia
Adam Barshay and Lionel Peters Ann Arakelian
Arman Abgaryan
Ashley Diaz
Babak Roofian
Benjamin Bell
Beth Pierik
Brad Kerr
Canyon Ridge
Carolyn Denmon
Cedric King
Corrie Yackulic
Daniel Asamoto
Dorothy Jahns
Douglas Reed
Duane Grubert Elizabeth Johnson Elizabeth Pioletti Eric Puritsky
Marcia Nesler
Maria Gomez
Maria Reese Mariana Lampasona Marsha Derflinger Mi Kim
Roger Walls
Samantha Englender
Sara Capoccia
Sebastian Cortes
Shelley Johnson
Sherrie Brown
Sibyl Walton
Steven Barker
Steven Salas
Steven Smith
Suzanne Lam
Tasha Sanchez
Taylor Turney
Canyons at Sherman Oaks Huntington
James Hollywood
Quillin Group
Tim O'Kain
Tina Couture
Troy Coleman
Ubaldo Cervantes Vanessa Castine
Villa Carlotta
Vincent Franks
Yadira Davis
Yilin Zheng
Yoni Chriqui
Yukiteru Hamada
FB Real Estate Group
Gail Coefield
Gershon Akerling Gilson-Wetherly Management Henry Hung
Michael Hansen
Michael Hassan Pour Michael Loya
Michael Norris
Minh Nguyen
Miriam and Carol Brooks Monica Canby
Nancy Penaloza
Neb Mesfin
Nelson Kwan
Nina Barton
North Oak Real
Patrick Sharples
Paul Ginsburg
Paul Sorokin
Raymond Smith Raymond Velie
Rhona Attwater
Rhonda Payne
Robert Eicks, Jr.
Robyn Jackson
Rodney Ascher
Rodolfo Baca-Cruz
IC Property Management Ida Siretskiy
Igal Azran
Jennifer Alter
Jennifer Clifton John Lee
Join Date
Jorge Zatarain Jose Lepe
Estate Investment
Judy LaGraff
Kathy Killgore
Kelly and Tracey McMartin Kelly Lynch
Kevin Lachoff
LaTanya Strange
Lev Ingman
Lina Perry
Linda Mille- Smith
Lisa Glouner
Mamie and John Lee
AAGLA Welcomes Its New PSC Members
Company Business Type
Aire Master of Eastern Los Angeles County Cleaning & Maintenance / Janitorial Services
JLS Palms, LLC Real Estate Brokers / Sales
Johnson Commercial Fitness Fitness Equipment (Sales & Service)
Reuben Raucher & Blum Legal & Eviction Services
Zero Impact Solutions Energy Efficiency & Retrofits
Welcome New Members
     An elderly man, Jason Arthur, was on his deathbed knowing the end was very near. At the time, he was with his nurse, his wife, his daughter, and two sons.
“So,” he says to them is a weak, soft voice, “Barry, I want you to take the Beverly Hills houses.
“Sybil, you take the apartments over in Los Angeles adjacent to Beverly Hills and the single family homes just South of there.
“Harold, I want you to take the commercial buildings on the Westside.
“Sarah, my dear wife, please take all the residential buildings downtown.”
The nurse is just blown away by all this, and as Jason was slipping away, she says, “Mrs. Arthur, your husband must have been such a hardworking man to have accumulated all this property.”
Sarah replied, “Property? The old fool had a paper route!”
Just Kidding
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