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 Member Update
Jim Schlagel, Owner, Califronia Deck Inspection
WHelping Owner to Comply With the Balcony Inspection Bill (2019’s Senate Bill 721)
By Jessica Garcia, Manager Membership Marketing
hat should property owners has owned his construction company and has had 25 years know about Senate Bill of experience serving as an expert witness in construction 721, the so-called “Balcony related litigation matters. He is also an industry expert for Inspection Bill” and what to the contractor’s state license board and handles consumer expect during the inspection complaints regarding construction and workmanship process? Senate 721 Bill was deficiencies. As a member of the Apartment Association of signed by Governor Jerry Greater Los Angeles, Schlagel said, “we want the tenants to be Brown on September 17, 2018, safe and to preserve the owner’s property.”
due to a balcony that collapsed in Berkeley, California which killed 6 and injured 7 college students. The law came into effect on January 1, 2019. Buildings with three or more units with balconies, raised walkways, outside staircases, or decks (called “Elevated Exterior Elements) must be inspected by a licensed contractor by January 1, 2025.
California Deck Inspection is a member of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles that provides deck inspections throughout the state of California. Jim Schlagel, its owner, and general contractor is credentialed to conduct the inspections in accordance with this relatively new law. Senate Bill 721 is applicable to multifamily rental properties, and the very similar, Senate Bill 326 is applicable to condominiums and condominium associations.
Schlagel has over 40 years’ experience as a general contractor, including C-39 roofing and water proofing. Since 1982, he
The inspection process is simple. Schlagel does an inspection of the property and then provides the owner with a priority list grading inspection. “The report will say good, fair, or poor to prioritize the work that needs to be repaired. Once the owner gets the assessment with recommendations, they can take the report to their contractor to get a bid on the items that need to get fixed,” said Schlagel. The estimated cost for a small fourplex inspection runs between $500 and $1,500, and depends on the location and circumstances,” said Schlagel. In case some property owners are questioning the balcony inspection law, Schlagel said, “it’s straight forward and beneficial. It’s a life safety issue and a liability. This is a tool that’s an effective way for people to raise their level of awareness to mitigate a potential hazard.”
In his free time, Schlagel enjoys making wine. You can reach California Deck Inspection at (909) 260-1536.

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