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 Letters to the Editor
Readers Respond to Editorial: “Congratulations! We’ve
Been Turned Into Our Tenants’ “Bitches”...?!!
(Apartment Age, September 2021)
Mr. Yukelson:
Just last night I read your editorial appearing in the September 2021 issue of Apartment Age magazine, “Congratulations! We’ve Been Turned Into Our Tenants’ “Bitches”...?!!”, and as seriously as it was written, you had me laughing off my couch! Well, done!! Perhaps some of our politicians will read your editorial and understand it. The tenant groups will say “yes indeed, you landlords are our Bitches!”
It is just too bad it has come to this. Tenants need landlords, and landlords need tenants. Some folks simply don’t get it. Anyway, thanks for getting me to laugh about all this. It is far better than crying.
- Larry R., Los Angeles
Mr. Yukelson:
Thanks so much for being the voice of rental housing providers. Finally, the bold truth of what we have endured these past 16 months. You courageously told it the way it is - no filters, as it should be.
You are a great advocate for our industry - thank you.
Mr. Yukelson:
Nancy N., Covina
Wow!!! That really lays it out. And it gives hope and courage too. I hope it can get wide circulation. Is it too much to hope that Los Angeles Times will put their agenda aside for a moment so we can have a voice? Thank you so much!
Jenifer A., Santa Monica
Mr. Yukelson:
In your editorial, you concisely described the state of things and what I have seen and experienced. Thank you for
sharing. Keep it up!
David G., Woodland Hills On the State’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program
There are many flaws in the new, statewide Emergency Rental Assistance program. Because tenants who owe NO RENT can apply for future rental assistance, my tenant who lives in an ocean front apartment with monthly rent of $3,500, who is NOT behind in rent, is applying for rental assistance. I ask you, is there no obligation to mitigate prospective loss and move to a
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