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 comply with the ordinance requirements, have one year from the end of the local emergency to pay any deferred rent owed. Since the expiration of the residential eviction moratorium is tied to the end of the City’s local emergency, unless the City Council takes specific action to terminate the moratorium, it will remain in effect until the City’s local emergency is lifted.
The Commission’s recommendation is for the City’s moratorium to expire and for the one-year rent repayment period for deferred rent owed to start running as of the date of the expiration of the State’s eviction moratorium. The Association supports the Commission’s recommendation.
As the City Council has the sole authority to amend the ordinance, it is yet to be determined whether the City Council will accept the Commission’s recommendation and effectuate the modifications set forth therein. It is anticipated that the Commission’s recommendation will be considered by the City Council at the upcoming October 26th City Council meeting.
Beverly Hills Rent Stabilization Commission Continues Discussions on Potential Modifications to Relocation Fees
The Commission first begun discussing changes to the City’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) Relocation Fees in November 2020. Since that time, and over the course of several meetings, the Commission’s deliberations have included a range of topics relative to the fee calculation such as whether additional relocation fees should be provided based on the renter’s circumstances or length of tenancy, whether there should be a new unit size category added for three or more-bedroom units and a review of relocation fees in other neighboring localities. During these deliberations, the Association has submitted several letters to the Commission expressing our concerns and recommendations.
The City’s current RSO provisions set forth the required relocation fee structure based on unit size of bachelor or single, one bedroom, and two or more bedrooms with the base fee ranging from $6,988.87 to $13,986.75. Households
with renters that are seniors, disabled or with a minor child receive an additional amount of $2,000. On July 1st of each year, the fees are adjusted based on the Consumer Price Index.
At the most recent Commission meeting on October 6th, the Commission conducted a lengthy discussion which included formula options for current market rents using Small Area Fair Market Rents (SAFMRs) analysis or an analysis using New Occupancy Monthly Rent Averages taken from the City’s rent registry data. The Commission also considered expanding the fee structure for unit size to specify three- and four-bedroom units, and possible enhanced relocation fees for specific renters. It is anticipated that the Commission will continue discussions on this matter and whether to provide for a “Mom and Pop” relocation fee reduction for owner occupancy at their next monthly meeting in November. We will continue to monitor this matter, advocate for our members interests and provide updates.
Bell Gardens City Council Receives an Update on Renter Protections and the City’s Rent Control Ad Hoc Committee
At the October 11th City Council meeting, the City Council received an update from City Staff on current renter protections. City Staff discussed Assembly Bill 1482, the Statewide rent control and renter protection law, the expiration of the State’s eviction moratorium, Assembly Bill 832, the City’s engagement in providing rental assistance to City residents, and information related to the State’s COVID-19 Rent Relief program. Staff also referenced the City’s Rent Control Ad Hoc Committee that have been meeting internally and that it is anticipated that they will be conducting two public workshops in the coming months. As background, the Committee is comprised of seven members: two Council Members: Mayor Marco Barcena and Councilmember Alejandra Cortez, two rental housing providers, two renters, and one non-profit representative. We will provide further updates and information once the Rent Control Ad Hoc Committee workshop information is publicly available.
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