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 The Sacramento Update
The End of A... Legislative Session!
WBy Kate Bell, Kate Bell Strategies
e are now past the October 10, 2021, deadline for Governor Newsom to sign or veto proposed legislation. Fortunately, the Governor signed Assembly Bill 602, Senate Bill 10, and Senate Bill 607, which were three bills
that we had requested he sign during the final month of the Legislative Session. The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles had two veto requests, Assembly Bills 838 and 1487 and Governor Newsome vetoed just one of them, Assembly Bill 1487.
2021 Legislative Summary – A Mixed Bag of Wins and Loses, But Many Wins!
The following were our “Wins” on the Governor’s Desk:
• Assembly Bill 602 (Grayson): Development Fees – Requires a local agency that conducts an impact fee nexus study to follow specific standards: (i) an impact fee nexus study be adopted before adoption of development fee, (ii) the impact fee study identify the level of service existing and proposed new level of service, and include an explanation of why the new level of service is necessary, and (iii) require that the calculation of a fee levied on a housing development project be levied proportionately to the square footage of the proposed units, or make specified findings explaining why square footage is not an appropriate metric to calculate the fees. This was signed by the Governor.
• Assembly Bill 1487 (Gabriel): Legal Services Trust Fund Commission and Homelessness Prevention Fund - This “right to counsel” bill would have funded legal services for renters facing eviction proceedings and was vetoed at our request.
• Senate Bill 10 (Wiener): Planning and Zoning Housing Development and Density – This bill will allow cities to zone for up to 10 housing units per parcel in urban areas or places close to transit. This was also signed by the Governor.
• Senate Bill 219 (McGuire) : Cancellation of Property Tax Penalties and Costs - This bill gives tax collectors flexibility to limit or remove penalties for late property tax payments upon a showing
impact of COVID related financial distress, and it was signed by the Governor.
Senate Bill 607 (Min): Professions and Vocations – Included within the bill is the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles requested “fix” to the 2019 balcony inspection bill. Now, balcony inspectors may also complete necessary repair work, which will encourage more vendors to conduct the inspections. This was signed by Governor Newsom.
During this past year, the following proposed bills were defeated, in part, due to the lobbying efforts of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles:
• •
Assembly Bill 854 (Lee): Ellis Act / Withdrawal of Accommodations – This would have imposed restrictions of the use of the Ellis Act to exit the rental housing business.
Assembly Bill 1000 (Ward): Fair Employment and Housing Protections – This bill would have prohibited a background check service provider from including specified information in a background check, including any fine, penalty, or charge related to camping, sleeping, sitting, or lying down in public spaces, or living in vehicles.
Assembly Bill 1188 (Wicks): Rent Registry – This bill would have created a statewide rental registry.
Assembly Bill 1199 (Gipson): Homes for Families and Corporate Monopoly Transparency Excise Tax – This bill would have imposed a 25% excise tax on certain gross rents.
Assembly Bill 1241 (Jones Sawyer): Rental Housing Unlawful Housing Practices – This bill would have made it unlawful for any owner of a rental housing accommodation to inquire about, or require an applicant for a rental housing accommodation to disclose, a criminal record during the initial application assessment phase.
Senate Bill 679 (Kamlager-Dove): Los Angeles County Affordable Housing Solutions Agency – This bill would have formed a new, quasi-government agency that had the power to raise additional taxes by imposing property and other taxes on housing

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