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in multifamily residential units. This will be accomplished through required inspections performed every six years.
The inspections address structural integrity, flashings and waterproofing of these elements on buildings with three or more units and two or more stories in height. All initial inspections must be completed by January 1, 2025. Inspections will be performed on any external building element six feet above ground level including walkways, balconies, decks, landings, stairways, and railings. On larger complexes, the law allows for 15% of the respective elements to be inspected as a representative sampling.
Who Performs the Inspections?
The inspections must be performed only by a licensed architect, civil or structural engineer, or a building contractor holding specific licenses as a B General Contractor or C5 Framing. The law requires that the inspector report hazardous conditions that pose a life safety threat to the local building official. Building owners will have anywhere from 15 to 120 days to address any necessary repairs depending on the condition of items inspected.
What Does the Inspection Involve?
The inspector will evaluate the condition, adequacy and performance of the various items that comprise the deck,
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balcony, landing or stairway structure with a focus on structural integrity. The inspector will look for indications of unintended water intrusion and resulting dry rot or structural compromise. Deck metal edge, wall and transition flashings will be evaluated for rust, corrosion, and adhesion of waterproofing materials. Deck traffic coatings will be evaluated for indications of cracking or other conditions that compromise the waterproof integrity and performance of the coating system. Stair and deck railings will be inspected for securement and overall condition. Wood framing such as joists, beams and posts will be inspected for any type of damage that could affect structural integrity. The inspector will then issue a report of their findings along with photos sufficient to document the conditions of the building elements as a baseline for future inspections and to create a historical record.
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