5 Ways To Create Good Tenant Relationships During The Holidays

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743f323bbc62b82ea6e033d27a245ce2The holidays are a festive time of the year. They are a chance to make a long-lasting impression, spread good cheer, and improve tenant relationships. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or another winter holiday, it is the time of year that property management professionals should re-connect with their residents. The following five tips will help you to improve tenant relationships, establish tenant loyalty, and show your tenants that your property management company truly puts their needs first.

Send out package delivery notifications.

Between Black Friday and New Year’s Day your tenants receive hundreds of packages. Take the time to send them a delivery notification. Make sure that the notification is both polite and customized. For example, if you noticed that someone received perishable goods, then take the time needed to tell your renter that their package is waiting in the office refrigerator. Conversely, if a tenant received a particularly large package then let them know that they might need to bring a friend or two to safely transport the package to their residence.

De-ice the driveway, parking lot, and community walkways.

No one wants to take a nasty fall due to slippery ice. Make sure that the property’s driveway, parking lot, and community paths are free of ice. If your properties are home to four-legged creatures, then make sure that you use an animal-friendly product to de-ice these areas. Your tenants will thank you and their pets will appreciate the gesture.

Send a personalized holiday greeting card.

As alluded to in the opening of this post, the holidays are a time to establish new connections and improve current tenant relationships. Customized holiday greeting cards are an excellent way to show your tenants that you care. Take a moment to go beyond simply customizing their name on the greeting card. If they have kids, make sure to include the names of their children. If your tenant has a pet, then be sure to include the name of their pet. Finally, write a message that lets the tenant know that their card was specially created for them and not the product of a mass “copy and paste effort.” If you want to be more trendy, send a personalized e-card, or do something nice for charity on behalf of your residents (like plant a tree or donate to pet adoption centers if a lot of your residents are pet owners.)

Put out holiday treats at the concierge desk and leasing office.

Place holiday treats in conveniently accessible locations, such as the concierge desk or leasing office. Make sure that you don’t put out treats with nuts or other common allergens. Don’t forget to put out treats for the pups too! A little holiday treat can go a long way towards making your residents feel appreciated.

Send a Happy New Year greeting to all of your tenants.

Start the year off right by wishing your renters a Happy New Year. It is a nice gesture that will be well received and can further solidify good tenant relationships. A special greeting card is also something that tenants will remember and might tell their friends and family about if they need an apartment recommendation.

From holiday treats to customized greeting cards, these five tips are designed to help property mangers improve tenant relationships during the winter holiday season. Once good tenant relationships have been established, be sure to continue the trend throughout the year with a few tenant-focused gestures of good will.

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