Apartment Management Magazines goes digital with new “Virtual Magazine”

Last Updated: July 9, 2008By

By Jordan Smith

Are you tired of waiting for your magazine? Tired of waiting 5 days for the United States Postal Service to reach your front door? Tired of missing an issue because it got delivered to some other place?
Well…all that is a thing of the past. The publishing industry has been revolutionized. Are you ready for a digital magazine that will be sent to you the day it is sent to the printer?

Apartment News Publications Inc. is pleased to announce that Apartment Management Magazines will be releasing an interactive, digital upgrade to our online magazine. Since the launch of our website, www.aptmags.com, we have offered only a PDF format of our online magazine. While it allowed many readers to access it on their computer, we were not happy with it and knew we could offer better to our readers. That is why we are launching our new digital magazine in conjunction with this issue. Everyone in our office is excited at the launch of our digital magazine, and we are eager to experience firsthand the digital future of our magazine, and its impacts upon the apartment industry.

Apartment Management readers will now be able to open a fully functional virtual magazine that will offer hot links to our clients, 3D page turning abilities, captivating videos, and in the future, the ability to be downloaded the publication straight to your phone. Continually I am frustrated at the rate of speed that our PDF version downloads, but with the new virtual magazine, it will load five times faster, and it will take no time at all to switch between the different zones. And it will be easier than ever to read our magazine online, because all six of our zones will be placed in one link on our home page. In addition, you will now be able to sign up to have the new digital magazine sent to your email on the day the magazine is shipped, and from there you can pass along the link to your friends.
We know that many people love to have their magazine in front of their hands, and that is why we will always continue to deliver our magazines to your doorstep for those who prefer it that way. Yet we also know many of you rather have it online, and reduce paper waste and emissions from delivery. And now we can add upon our 90,000 circulation, continuing to reach every apartment owner/manager with the preferred apartment management publication that “has saved my butt over and over again when I needed to find the right help with my apartments. I wish you guys were nationwide, because I could use your magazine with my apartments across the county (anonymous apartment owner).”

• 3D Flip Animation: Flip through the pages with cool 3D animation, or easily turn pages with the user friendly tool bar.
• Hot Links: With a click of a button jump to our client’s webpage or quickly jump to the articles that you want to read.
• Navigation Tools: Zoom in and out, adjust resolution size, send to your friends, view the table of contents, and much more.

To receive in your email box the digital version of Apartment Management every 1st of the month, sign up for it online at our website, www.aptmags.com, or send an email to js@aptmags.com saying you want to join the mailing list.


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