Apartment News Publications partners with Livable

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Apartment News Publications partners with Livable:
Now readers can recover up to 90% of utility costs through Ratio Utility Billing

San Francisco and Huntington Beach, Ca. October 1, 2020 – Livable, the leading residential and commercial real estate Utility Billing Platform, announces a new partnership with Apartment News Publications, Inc. promoting responsible tenant utility consumption to the publication’s 135,000+ readers.

Livable’s platform employs a Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS) that divides utility costs such as waste, sewage, water, gas and electricity among a building’s tenants in an equitable manner based on factors such as occupancy and square footage.

“We are proud to partner with Livable as the choice Utility Management Platform for our readers,” says Travis Watson, Director of Operations at Apartment News Publications, Inc.

“With Livable, our readers can save time, save money, save headaches and conserve all at the same time. Whether they operate 2 units or 2,000, Livable provides a simple way to recover utility costs, increase property values, and building community around conservation.

Livable’s full-service property manager portal delivers immediate utility recovery in one convenient location for properties of any size. Utilizing Livable’s utility solutions and services costs nothing to set up, requires no minimum, and applies a transparent, low monthly flat fee per unit enrolled. Livable’s system can track, analyze, and bill back tenants for the following services: Water, Sewer, Trash, Internet, Landscaping, Gas, and more. Customize it to meet your property’s needs. Livable provides a suite of cloud services designed to reduce consumption while adding to your bottom line:

Property Manager Dashboard

Monitoring your property just got easier. Access everything you need to manage your building’s utilities, including consumption metrics, updates on billing status, expert-driven audits, and more—all at no charge to you.

Resident Connect Web Portal

Never miss another payment. Enroll your tenants with Livable and they can pay their utility bills online, receive automated payment reminders, and review the efficiency of their building to make more sustainable decisions and lower their monthly bill.

Utility Billing + Cost Recovery

Why waste time on utility billing when Livable can do it for you? Livable’s free customizable system allocates for water, sewer, gas, and more based on multiple factors to ensure precise, automated billing sent directly to your tenants.

“Mitigating utility costs during times of drought or other energy constraints in states like California is a reality that places the responsibility on us all to conserve,” said Daniel Sharabi, Chief Executive Officer of Livable. “Our fast-to-deploy and easy-to-use suite of cloud services combined with the reputation of Apartment News Publications will deliver cutting-edge analytics and empower decisions that transform data into valuable insights and results.”

To learn more about Livable, and to sign up for a free recovery estimate visit: https://livable.com/apn

Livable is a leading residential and commercial real estate utility billing company, providing a suite of cloud services, including its flagship Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS). Livable has been serving the real estate industry since 2009, and their Utility Billing Platform was built to recover utility costs for any real estate stakeholder, property manager, housing provider, or apartment manager. Livable’s technology solutions strive to create a community around conservation. Livable provides an end-to-end solution for any sized portfolio of properties
to recover utility costs, increase profits, and build a transparent, financially accountable community of tenants. To learn more, visit: https://livable.com/apn

Since 1958 Apartment News Publications, Inc. has been dedicated to serving the California Rental Housing Industry as a reliable resource for Independent Rental Owners and Property Managers, offering expert insight on day to day operations, research and analysis of proposed legislation as well as the latest industry trends.  

Over 60 years later, through strategic partnerships with non-profit Apartment Associations, Real Estate Investor Associations and hundreds of local service providers, our publications and events serve over 135,000+ statewide.


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