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GIVES VOTERS THE FINAL SAY ON ANY NEW AND HIGHER TAXES!  California has some of the nation’s highest state income, sales and gas taxes as well as rising property and utility taxes. Yet still, the State Legislature has proposed billions in new taxes this year alone while local officials have enacted $8.8 billion in annual general and special taxes from 2010 to 2020.  It seems our state legislature and governor have a never ending appetite for more spending and never ending taxes and fees.

PLEASE!  Help Support the Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act:  This proposed ballot initiative, if passed, increases voters’ voice on all statewide tax increases: The Act requires state legislation imposing any new or higher taxes to be approved by a majority of voters in a statewide election.  It also closes tax loopholes at the local level.  The Act will reinstate the two-thirds approval requirement for any new or higher “special taxes” proposed by initiative in a local election, while still maintaining the current majority vote requirement for general tax increases.  The measure is focused on returning control over tax increases to the hands of the voters while ensuring California can continue to address its most pressing issues.  Isn’t it about time?

Join the coalition and sign the petition to get this measure on the upcoming ballot using the following link:  Help us gather enough signatures to get this important measure onto the ballot.


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