How To Get Rental Subsidies & Income Security From Local Housing Authority

Last Updated: September 8, 2017By


As property owner or manager, financial security is deeply connected to a tenant’s personal and economic well-being. Partnering with a local Housing Authority provides tenants with valuable
rental subsidies to help protect them from adverse life events such as job loss, divorce, health problems, etc.  

Better yet, local Housing Authorities also offer property owners outstanding incentives such as:
* Signing bonuses
* Free educational workshops
* Payment of damages exceeding the security deposit
* Payment of rent to hold vacant units
* Payment of tenant security deposits

The federally-funded Housing Choice Voucher program, the most common rental subsidy program, guarantees property managers get a portion of rents paid on time, provides an endless supply of tenants looking for units, and provides education and support to help ensure tenants live up to the terms of their lease. Learn more about the benefits of Section 8 program at the 2017 Los Angeles Buildings Expo on September 27 in Pasadena.



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