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There are a few reasons you might not have heard of roof coating until now, and it isn’t because the snake oil salesman hasn’t been in your office. Roof coating has been around more than two decades, but just now is catching the eye of the public thanks to companies like A Amazing Roof Coating, a subsidiary of Foothill Painting Co. Inc. in Tujunga, Ca. “We’ve been in business 60 years, and this amazing process is a game changer for property owners,” said Donald Freed of Foothill Painting and Coating. “Customers want to be environmentally conscious these days, but that sometimes means cutting into the bottom line. We all want to do our part, and with roof coating you can have the best of both worlds; a more environmentally friendly roofing system at half the cost of a new roof.”

If you’ve met with your roofer already and they haven’t told you about this amazing alternative to a complete tear off they are doing you a great disservice and costing you money. Sometimes it is inexperience, or maybe they are just set in the old ways, but regardless having all the information to make an informed decision is key for any project as serious as re-roofing.
Below are just a few ways that roof coating can benefit you, your wallet and the planet. The best part is you don’t already need a roofing problem to benefit from coating. Easily avoid tenant problems and personal loss by coating a roof before it leaks, and never re-roof again.
Faster, Cleaner, More Durable Then Conventional Re-Roofing.
Roof prep and repair is completed quickly and easily by Foothill Painting’s licensed and insured technicians at a fraction of the time spent tearing off your old roof. Most roofs are only in minor need of repair, but the old system of replacement doesn’t allow for target repair without weakening the entire system. Tear-offs are pain to you and your tenants in more ways than one. Traditional re-roofing exposes you, your tenants, and every item of the structure to the outside elements; roof coating saves you that hassle. It is no secret that scalding hot, sticky, stinky tar is a headache that keeps going and going. With roof coating you can reduce the odor to that of a freshly painted room. Tear-offs leave a huge mess, and haphazardly tossed shingles and nails can cause property damage to your windows, siding, gutters, not to mention you and your tenant’s car tires. With roof coating there are no giant dumpster fleets strewn around taking up valuable parking, only scaffolding and tarps commonly used with commercial painting.
Cost Effective.
Price is always an issue in today’s economy and the consumers today are more cost conscious then ever before. With savings in mind, without sacrificing durability, roof coating is the way of the future. A typical roof coating will cost 50% less than an antiquated traditional tear off job. At half the cost, roof coating is a cut above, but when you add in the advantage of the income property tax loophole for repairs/coating that allows you to deduct the entire cost the same year, it is a no brainer. Don’t wait years to amortize off the cost of a re-roof when you can cash in on the savings now and in the future with coating. With this perpetual roofing system you never have to re-roof again.
Durability, Longevity, And Windproof.
When undergoing any roofing project, knowing that your money is spent in the best manor is almost as important as doing the job in the first place. No one wants to throw away money by having to do the same work repeatedly. Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The average home needs to be re-roofed up to five times during its lifecycle, wouldn’t it be insane not to consider an alternative that eliminates the need for those additional costs? Think about it, we don’t replace our stucco and siding 5 times, we don’t throw away perfectly good windows and trim 5 times, we coat them and protect them from the elements. “We coated our roof 6 years ago at our Tujunga office, and it isn’t even starting to show any signs of weakness,” explained Freed. “We abuse our roof with storage and foot traffic in ways that the normal consumer would never even dream of and in ways a granulated asphalt surface could never handle. After years of us punishment, it is in the same condition that it was the day we coated it, and leak free.”
The continuous membrane system available when coating your roof seals in savings, and seals out the elements. Wind is a natural enemy of your roof, but fear not as the continuous membrane insures Mother Nature and the big bad wolf are kept at bay. Remember a nail through system has thousands of points to leak, with our continuous membrane we have none, so wind and water damage can be a thing of the past.
Environmentally Friendly.
Green is certainly a buzzword and thrown around everywhere you look. Green is also the color of money and many times you must sacrifice one for the other. With the low cost of a roof coating, you no longer are forced to choose between the two.
Landfills are stuffed with old roofing materials and transport of landfill waste leads to fuel consumption. Roof coating is a sustainable solution that helps limit environmental impact. Both Kool Seal and Uniflex offer Energy Star rated coatings with up to 90% reflectivity. By reflecting more of the sun’s rays, roof surface temperatures are lowered. This reduces the amount of energy needed to cool the building. If you saved just $200 a year in cooling costs the $$$$ really start to add up over the life of the coating. Most of the electricity used in the United States is generated by burning fossil fuels, reducing the amount of energy needed to cool a building will cut down on air pollutants and save you money at the same time. Sometime we forget that what we see also has an impact on the environment, maybe not in the reduction of our carbon footprint, but more in the sense of pride. If we like what we see we are more likely to maintain it, and that’s why roof coating is available in every color under the rainbow as well. Why not be aesthetically pleasing, good for the planet and safe on your wallet all at the same time?
Roof coating is a sustainable solution that helps limit environmental impact, and saves time and money at the same time. It is important to understand that no factory roof will last forever, but A Amazing Roof Coatings can perpetuate your existing roof at an affordable price. Foothill Painting Inc. wants to be your painters, and roof coaters for life. Call now for information about this amazing perpetual roofing system and a free estimate. 818-352-2888 x11

Foothill Painting Company has been proud to provide professional, quality service for the foothills and surrounding communities since 1936 offering a variety of services including residential/commercial, exterior/interior, custom painting and roof coating. Foothill Painting Company is committed to making the experience of painting your home, business, or church a pleasure. Foothill Painting is owned and operated by third generation family craftsmen.  It was started by “Grandpa” Meyer back in 1936.  Then his son, Mark Meyer, continued to work with him, (when he wasn’t barbering) and built a strong client base in and around Glendale, CA.  As the years past, Mark’s sons, Kerry & Kevin also started to help dad and as the family grew, son-in-law Donald Freed joined the business. Today the business is run by Kevin Meyer, Donald Freed and his brother, Joseph Freed.  The office is managed by Don and Joe’s sister, Mari Lynn Bair.  So, as you can see, it is very much a “Family Owned & Operated Business”. Foothill Painting and Coating Inc. has a core group of 15 employees, believing that the more they invest in them, the more they will receive in return. In early 2005, Foothill Painting Company became Foothill Painting Company, Inc., building a strong and lasting company for many generations to come. 818-352-2888 x11


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