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Apartment LeasingWhether you’re a busy property owner or an even busier property leasing agent, whenever you can have a time saving tool in your back pocket that simplifies the entire leasing process, how can you say no? We’ve seen great strides in the mobile leasing technology realm from basic online applications to our fully streamlined process that takes you right down to digitally signing and closing the lease on the spot. On the spot lease completion simply lands more tenants for many reasons that we’ll explore.

Don’t Let Tenants Leave Without Committing with Immediate Leases

Mobile applications aren’t new, nor is accepting fees online; however, the ability to have potential tenants’ credit worthiness confirmed and a lease generated and ready to sign at the time of showing gives you maximum leverage to convert a prospect. The ability to close the deal on the spot keeps the leasing momentum going, helping agents and owners land more tenants. Once a tenant leaves the property without committing, a number of things can happen to jeopardize the deal:

  1. Lookie Loos Often Get Lost – Desirable tenants may have several options on their list to view after evaluating your property that they may like better. The fully mobile lease flow lets you claim them as tenants so they never see other properties.
  2. Delays Get in the Way – Unexpected life incidents just happen, and that prospect may only have one day a week to handle property shopping; hence, your property sits unoccupied even longer and they have time to change their mind or find other rental options.
  3. Paper Apps are Inconvenient – They’re not very time or eco-friendly, and filling out and returning rental applications via mail, fax, or in person requires precious time on behalf of desirable renters. If attracting modern tenants is your wish, you’ve got to modernize the application and rental processes so you can get their signature on the lease immediately.

Speaking of Wasting Time, Resources, and Getting Lost…

Consider the amount of time that you as a property owner or leasing agent spend attending to the details of processing paper applications. Putting the applicants extensive information into the computer for credit and background checks, and then typing it all over again to import it into the lease agreement – who has time and payroll to spare on that? These processes can be instantly streamlined and fully customized for your rental needs producing a digital, ready-to-sign agreement so you can cement a new tenant immediately through a mobile device like a smart phone or tablet.

Beyond the perks of immediate lease options, you can modernize your communications and field inquiries, schedule viewing times, send the PDF application form, and see all the paperwork’s status, all online! Saving time, money, and reducing turn around time is what it’s all about in the property management scene, and these affordable and easy to use leasing features make it easy to achieve all this. Read more about how you can take your leasing flow online here or check out this awesome webinar on the future of leasing.

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