Secondhand Smoke in Apartments

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A guide for owners and managers by The American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation

“Secondhand smoke is the third leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Approximately 70,000 people die annually from diseases caused by secondhand smoke, with hundreds of thousands more suffering ill effects from exposure. Multi-unit dwellings present a particular challenge for dealing with this significant health and nuisance problem. Tobacco smoke from one unit may seep through cracks, be circulated by a shared ventilation system, or otherwise enter the living space of another. You may wonder what you can do to mitigate some of these problems.”

Improved Ventilation May Not Solve the Problem

Standards cannot ensure the avoidance of adverse health effects from tobacco smoke. Yet if you improve the system with fresh air intake, installing better filters, and limit amount of air exhausted from one unit to another, it can help

Work Creatively with Tenants toward a Solution

Work with tenants, and show them the effects of their habits, and how their lease agreement prevent them from engaging in behaviors that interferes with other tenants enjoyment.

To Completely Solve the Problem, Eliminate Smoking

There is no constitutional or legal right to smoke. You can make policies that are phased in gradually with new leases “containing a clause that prohibits smoking both indoors and on all grounds.”

There are many reasons to implement non-smoking policies, so check out the editorial by ANRA, and contact them to see what you can do to cut down on all the preventable deaths caused by second hand smoking.


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