The Best Ways to Market Your Properties in the Winter

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al007_frosty-grassIt can be hard to see a property’s best features through the thick haze of snow and fog. Marketing properties during the cold and wintry times takes some ingenuity, but it can certainly be done. If you want to keep residents interested in the properties you have available and convince them to reach out to you during the winter months, there are some things you can do to make your available properties more attractive. Whether it’s an apartment in a large building or a single-family house you’re trying to rent out, consider the following to generate interest during the winter.

1). Keep walkways, pathways, and common outdoor areas clear. Anyone thinking about renting in the winter probably has enough to deal with. They don’t want to pull up to a possible rental and see the driveways and walkways covered with snow and ice. Make sure you keep them clean, salted, and as dry as possible, so it’s easy for people to get to and from the unit. If there are common areas that people use outdoors in the winter, they should also be taken care of properly. The more inviting and the safer the property looks, the better the chances that those who look at it will want to rent it. When they see that the property is taken care of, and snow and ice aren’t allowed to pile up, they can feel a lot better about renting from you.

2). Decorate for the holidays. Keeping things cheerful around the holiday season is important for current renters, and for potential residents, as well. While you don’t want to overdo it on religious themes that might not appeal to everyone, there are plenty of more low-key or neutral options for winter holiday decorations. They keep an apartment complex or other rental looking very happy and cozy—a great place to call home. It also shows that the property management company wants to help everyone who lives there feel welcome and that can make potential residents feel like they will be valued and appreciated.

3). Provide warm-weather photos. Helping potential renters see what the property would look like in the summertime can make their decision easier. Without snow or ice on the ground, these pictures can help anyone considering the property see the beauty of the grounds and the common outdoor areas. If there is a playground, a pool, an area for grilling, or other amenities that can’t be used in the wintertime, add pictures of those things to your marketing materials. That will give potential renters a better idea of what living in your property will be like.

4). Showcase the natural beauty of winter. Winter can be very beautiful, and you want potential residents to see that as it relates to your property. If there are winter activities that take place on the grounds or nearby, make sure you provide that information when you market the apartment or house you’re trying to rent. That can help remind potential renters that there are some great things about winter, and that they can enjoy those things if they rent your property. Knowing that there are activities to get involved with all throughout the year may be just what an interested renter needs to make his or her rental decision easier.

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