Virus Fighting Germ Zero Team rolled out by Mold Zero

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Virus Fighting Germ Zero Team rolled out by Mold Zero!!

By Robert Tweed (Rusty Tweed) CEO MoldZero

Five years ago, local Glendale resident Rusty Tweed started Mold Zero, a company focused on eliminating mold from people’s homes and businesses.    Since then Mold Zero has grown quickly into a multi-million dollar operation, doing business around Southern California and the Tampa Bay area of Florida.  

The reason for this exceptional growth is Mold Zero’s unique patented process that is used to eradicate fungus in any indoor environment.   The process involves 2 steps.   The first is a unique “dry fog” that is pumped into the building.   The fog particles are as small as 6 microns, which is unusually tiny and allows the small nano particles to permeate every nook and cranny of the room or space that is being treated.   This non-toxic, environmentally friendly “dry fog” immediately destroys any single cell micro-organisms it comes into contact with.   Mold or Fungus is very hard to kill, as it is a living growing organism that shuns light and therefore thrives in dark, damp, hard to get at places.    Mold Zero’s technique will seek out and envelope the mold and it’s spores and render it inert in even the tiniest, tucked away locations.

The 2nd step of our process is a nano coating called Everpure, that is sprayed onto the surface of all objects, walls, floors, counter tops, chairs, door handles, etc. We literally coat the entire indoor environment with this patented substance.   By doing this, any single cell micro-organisms (Virus, mold or bacteria) will be instantly destroyed on contact.  The Everpure coating is so good that the EPA tests done on it, confirmed it to continue to kill all pathogens that landed on it for 90 days, the maximum time period that the EPA tests for. A subsequent US Army Corps of Engineers study done October 2017, confirmed that the treatment continued to lower mold levels for over 6 months.

Over the years Mold Zero has done hundreds of treatments all to a successful result.   But suddenly along comes a nasty little virus from Wuhan, China.  As we are all painfully aware this microscopic corona virus has literally brought much of the world’s economy to a standstill, caused thousands of deaths and scared the bejesus out of everyone.

Germ Zero to the rescue!

What most people don’t know is that Mold Zero’s licensed technology was originally developed as a sterilant for operating rooms and hospitals.   It was adapted by Pure Maintenance of Utah to kill mold, which is very hard to kill.   For the “dry Fog” process, killing a virus is a walk in the park.    A virus is not a “living thing” and therefore when it gets into a home or office environment it does not grow like a fungus.   The virus will float around airborne and usually will land on a surface and just sit there doing nothing.   Compared to killing a fungus or it’s spores, our process used to render a virus inert is very simple and easy, as the virus is  exposed and vulnerable in almost all environments.

Mold Zero is proud to announce the launch of our new division “Germ Zero.”   Our experience in eliminating mold has made us uniquely trained and experienced to knock out any and all pathogens, of which the corona virus is only one of many.   Our Germ Zero team is now taking on jobs specifically focused on using our advanced eco-friendly processes to deep cleanse and sanitize any residential, commercial or medical building or facility of any kind to rid it of all unfriendly and deadly microbes.  Recently with the onslaught of COVID-19 and it’s attendant fears, we’ve been contacted to sanitize local schools, pre-schools, doctor’s & chiropractic offices, large medical clinics, even factories and large offices.  We now have the capacity to tackle indoor floor space from 1,000 square feet to in excess of well over 100,000 square feet.  We are energetically taking on a plethora of both everyday environments and many truly unique situations that are being presented by the possibility of contamination by the current pandemic.   We welcome these potentially dangerous situations as we have the background and experience that is truly unique to this industry and know we can effectively deal with and cleanse any indoor space.   We love to use our processes to take out and eliminate any and all dangerous micro-organisms to create a truly human friendly indoor biom.

Let’s all work together to terminate this deadly wave of corona virus as fast as possible and protect our friends and loved ones.                                    

For more information about this revolutionary two-step sanitization process for virus/mold removal that is non-toxic, visit our website at or call (626) 671-8885

Please contact us for a quote today!


CEO and Founder of Mold Zero, LLC. Rusty Tweed is originally from Waterloo, Ontario where he studied Mechanical Engineering. Realizing early on that working in a cubicle crunching numbers all day was great for his mathematical skills, but horrible for his social and business skills, Rusty struck out on his own in 1980 to be an entrepreneur and hasn’t looked back since. Over the years Rusty has had various successful businesses, but always he was looking for a business that helped people, had no side effects for the environment and was easily affordable to those who needed it. When his wife Carol, out of a need for herself, came across the “Dry Fog” technology, Rusty and his wife spotted an opportunity to build a great business serving both the Tampa Bay area in Florida and here in the Los Angeles Basin.


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