5 Spring Maintenance Jobs For Manufactured Housing Managers

Last Updated: June 25, 2021By

1. Update your property marketing 

When is the last time you did a health check on your property marketing? With leasing season upon us, this is the perfect time to refresh your community marketing strategy.

  • Update your online listings 
  • Review your lead generation process (the marketing funnel)
  • Walk the property and consider its curb appeal as though you’ve never seen it before
  • Set up a referral program for current residents

2. Inspect roads, sidewalks & pathways at the property 

When prospects visit a manufactured community for the first time, they’ll start forming judgments before they even get out of their car. 

What’s the condition of the community roads and pathways?

Is it easy to identify restricted fire hydrant curb access? 

Are the sidewalks (if applicable) easy to walk over without tripping?

These spring maintenance tasks may not seem like high ROI concerns, but they matter to community members. They’re also important for resident safety.

Winter temperatures can damage concrete and asphalt. If you chose not to address a small crack or pothole last year, it might have gotten worse. You want to make a good first impression on any first-time visitors, so make sure your roads and walkways are in tip-top shape for leasing season.

3. Do a post-winter checkup on every home

Many manufactured homes need to be winterized every year. Water heaters, faucets, skirting, pipes, etc. get special treatment to prepare for wintery temperatures. Once the weather heats up, it’s time to inspect those elements again. 

Check all gutters to prevent clogs and overflow. And make sure all doors, windows, hinges and locks are working properly (no off-putting squeaks).

Pro tipKeep up with maintenance requests from residents, so you’ll know which properties to prioritize for service.

4. Check in on your landscaping

Manufactured housing communities can be defined by how they look. Parks, gardens, sprinkler systems, ponds and any other outdoor spaces should look inviting to prospects and residents alike. 

Wildfires can be especially devasting to these types of homes. Make sure the lots are clear of brush and all clippings are properly disposed of. For more fire safety ideas, check out these wildfire season tips to protect and fireproof your properties.

Thanks to warm weather and, green trees and blooming flowers, your community may never look better than it does after a bit of spring maintenance work. This is definitely the time to spruce things up for visitors.

5. Prepare for swim season

Swimming pools can be a great part of a resident retention strategy, but only if they’re kept in good shape. And pool maintenance never ends. It’s tedious, but no one touring your community wants to see chunks of dirt and grass stuck to the bottom of the deep end. Not to mention leaves, bugs and debris floating on top.

Here’s a brief rundown of what needs to be done, and when:

  • Check pH and chlorine levels several times per week 
  • Skim the surface weekly
  • Change filters monthly
  • Use a reliable pool maintenance service
  • Inspect poolside chairs
  • Keep any barbecue gas tanks filled

Pro tip: Communicate updates to your pool addendum to residents via Yardi Breeze Premier

Final thoughts on spring maintenance

You can save time on spring inspections by asking your residents to do a quick inspection of their home. You can even make a brief checklist to help them identify the most important jobs. 

It might be the case that your manufactured housing community has more maintenance work this time of year, but it’s all part of preventing long-term damage to your property, as well as your professional reputation.


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