Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and How to Upzone Your Property

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Presented by ADUGold

Join other property owners who today are taking advantage of California’s Senate Bills 9 and 10, Assembly Bill 1033, and other new accessory dwelling unit laws! Small property owners today can benefit by increasing density at rental properties and, of course, increase the “bottom line.” Join our ADU expert, Seth Phillips (a/k/a, “Mr. ADU”) as he discusses the benefits of Senate Bills 9 and 10 and new ADU laws, and how you can easily, substantially improve your revenue outlook by taking advantage of these new laws.


  • Learn how you can add 3 or units to your existing property. This allows YOU to have the potential to double, triple or even more the multifamily rental income at your property today.
  • Understand Assembly Bill 1033 and the rules surrounding when and how you can sell your ADU separately and apart from the main structure on your property.
  • Learn how the 25% Conversion Rule can create limitless opportunities, and how to maximize the“footprint” of your property by adding additional housing units.
  • How to convert recreational, laundry and storage rooms, and garages into Accessory Dwelling Units that you can generate rental income for.
  • Learn how YOU can build up to 5-units on a single-family zoned property in the Los Angeles Area.
  • Learn how YOU can eliminate parking at YOUR building with no additional parking requirements so long as your property is located within one-half mile of mass-transit.
  • Find out how you can generate increased N.O.I. by adding new duplex and four-plex housing units and ADUs at YOUR property.
  • Learn the “step-by-step” process on how YOU can make these opportunities best work for YOU.

GUEST SPEAKER:  Seth Phillips, Founder of ADU Gold

Born and raised in Minnesota, Seth Phillips moved to California in 1982 and entered the real estate industry, first in property management and then became a licensed real estate agent and broker. Now known as “Mr. ADU,” Seth Phillips is an experienced leader with an extensive background of working in the real estate industry having worked previously at SP3 Realty and Re/MAX and co-owned the largest Re/MAX franchise in Los Angeles. He specializes in developing ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units) and other housing units in the Southern California areas, and also assists first time home buyers with down payment assistance programs and government grants. He has extensive experience in property development, apartments, and investment properties. Seth attended the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).


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