ACTION Apartment Association Teams up with Apartment Management Magazine of West LA

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We get it. Ours is an industry under siege. Housing providers are plagued by over-regulation, ever increasing taxes and fees, escalating costs, frivolous lawsuits, relentless press bias, partisan community organizing, politically motivated judges and anti-owner elected officials at every level.

Owners need an industry gladiator to help repel the forces massing against it. ACTION Apartment Association, Inc. is that warrior.

actionassociationWe have been in this fight since 1979 in Santa Monica. We formed to fill a vacuum left by the traditional industry organizations who were more interested in selling forms than fighting corruption. ACTION is the first word in our name and our first order of business. We are committed to litigation, advocacy and advice, in that order. Why litigation first? Because the courts, although not necessarily our friend, are the last line of defense against the relentless attacks by the politically motivated elected officials and the pesky, dark-money-funded public interest law firms.

We have filed a class-action lawsuit to get the legal right to have new tenants share the mounting cost of water in buildings without separate meters. As you know water costs are mushrooming and there is no incentive for tenants to conserve.  Owners have been saddled with the burden of fines and fees from the excessive water use by their renters. Attorney Don Woods, who represents us, has an article in this issue explaining our suit in more detail. Please see page X.

Although we started in Santa Monica, we seek to broaden our footprint. That is why we have partnered with Apartment Management Magazine to begin to communicate with and defend a wider apartment industry audience. In this issue you will begin to notice an editorial shift. We are committed to providing timely, relevant and interesting reporting that will be a valuable monthly resource for you. We are not fond of articles about dead bolt locks and estate planning. We are not fans of advertisements posing as news articles. We want to give you News You Can Use.

ACTION Apartment Association,  inc. is an open shop not an old boy clique. We welcome input from the owner community. We love volunteers who will lock arms and work with us. Our emails are below and we encourage your feedback. Enjoy, Learn and Fight.

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Wes Wellman | Founding Director:


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