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Best Practices and Mistakes to Avoid in Tenant Screening PART II

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Presented by Kay Properties & Investments, LLC

Screening and choosing the “right” prospective tenant is one of the first steps of the rental process. Although it’s an exciting part of the rental journey, it can be filled with uncertainties due to the challenge of finding the right tenant that will pay rent on time and care for your rental properties, as well as ensuring legal compliance with California’s tenant screening laws. During this webinar, we help you learn California’s unique tenant screening regulations, and we will be covering the entire screening process, from the rental application fee to background checks.


  • What’s the most a California landlord can charge for an application fee?
  • Can landlords run background checks in California, and which background checks can they run?
  • What limits are being imposed when it comes to Section 8 tenants and other housing voucher holders? Do you need to accept Section 8 tenants?
  • Creating a strong rental criteria and how best to communicate to applicants?
  • Does a California landlord need a prospective tenant’s consent to run a background check?
  • What is the new, maximum amount of security deposit allowed in California?
  • Which applicant do you choose? What if there are multiple, qualified applicants? Can you choose the one you like best?

GUEST SPEAKER: Mike Brennan, Managing Partner, The Brennan Law Firm

The Brennan Law Firm represents landlords in every aspect of landlord-tenant matters, including initial lease negotiations and drafting, to unlawful detainer litigation.  There is no firm or individual in this industry who can handle your case more aggressively, knowledgeably, or quickly than the Brennan Law Firm.  The Brennan Law Firm gets the job done right in a professional, efficient, and cost-effective manner due to their experience and proven track record of success in virtually every aspect of landlord-tenant litigation.

Michael Brennan, Esq. is the managing partner and founder of the Brennan Law Firm, one of the premier landlord-tenant law firms in Southern California, representing landlords exclusively in evictions, judgment enforcement, and other landlord-tenant matters. Mr. Brennan is a frequent speaker and contributing author for various landlord publications.


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