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By: Buffalo Maintenance, Inc.

businessman looking over his glasses with clipboard on hand - frDo you find yourself spending less and less time at your building? 

These days, that seems to be the case with many building owners and, too often, routine maintenance issues evolve into costly repairs that could have been avoided.

Here are some of the things Buffalo Maintenance, Inc.  pay special attention to:

First and foremost, we look for potential hazards.  Broken sidewalks, poorly lit stairs, missing handrails  – anything that can potentially cause an injury for one of your tenants or a guest.  And, of course, we make sure that fire extinguishers are functional and fire escape areas are clear of clutter.

brickwallIt is important to check building exteriors for cracks in the foundation, open crawl spaces and any places in brick work or stucco where water might get into the walls during heavy rain.  This includes making sure that caulking around vents and piping is sufficient.  We do a similar inspection of the roof, looking for spots were leaks might occur.

We also make sure that all of your property’s windows close smoothly and securely and identify any broken panes.  Windows that leak or collect condensation on the sills can create major problems down the road.

Fire Hazards 

Dryer vents should be inspected to make sure they are clear of lint and debris.  Biannual furnace filter inspections at the end of fall and spring will keep your HVAC systems operating at peak performance, while ensuring dangerous conditions are not present. Chimneys are inspected for cracks and proper ventilation.

Both gas and electric water heaters pose fire and water hazards.  Electrical connections are checked as are gas lines along with water pipe connections and venting.


plumbingThe most costly and damaging of all deferred maintenance is water related.

Plumbing throughout the building must be inspected to make sure that seals are secure, faucets are not leaking and pipes are in good condition.  Residents should be encouraged to to report leaks and drips.  A small leak under a cabinet can create serious damage if left unattended.

We also recommend the inspection of fuse boxes and all electrical equipment:  Washing machines, garage door openers and other mechanical devices such as garbage disposal units and re-circulation pumps etc.  Check for loose wires, water leaks and un-safe conditions.

The Pitch


This is just a partial list of routine inspections items.  If this all seems like a lot to undertake, Buffalo Maintenance, Inc, can lend a meaningful helping hand by checking up on your property when the time does not permit you to do so.

We are pleased to offer expert property evaluations, reporting and maintenance services.  Our qualified staff knows what to look for and can make recommendations for the most efficient and cost effective solutions. And right now we are offering building owners & managers free no obligation property evaluations to better acquaint you with our organization.


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