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“Cash-for-Keys”: The Strategies of Tenant Buyout Agreements

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Don’t miss this…Be sure to join us to hear from a leading cash-for-keys legal expert, Sasha Struthers, Esq. who will be discussing the key strategies and legal aspects of tenant buyout agreements. Through tenant buyout agreements, often housing providers can save a great deal of time, headache and sometimes some money.


    • When are tenant buyout agreements appropriate, and how much will they cost?
    • The tenant buyout process from start to completion – a “step-by-step” explanation.
    • Best practices for approaching a tenant about a buyout.
    • What are the terms contained in a tenant buyout agreement? What happens if the tenant does not move after the agreement is signed?
    • Determining the correct amount to pay to recover a rental unit.

GUEST SPEAKER: Sasha Struthers, Esq., Struthers Legal PLC

Sasha Struthers is a California licensed Attorney and Real Estate Broker with a law practice that focuses on ‘Cash for Keys’/ tenant buyouts and government agency complaints such as REAP, CRD, and Orders to Comply. Sasha’s experience managing a 15-building real estate portfolio, including five apartments subject to LARSO has allowed her to help landlords strategically reposition their portfolios, maximize income, and reduce management stress. Her experience is shared through informative videos educating landlords on various aspects of real estate. She writes a weekly newsletter on various real estate related topics, including the latest real estate news. You can check out her law practice at


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