Experts Share Top Rental Investment Tips

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To become a truly successful real estate investor, it’s important to be aware of future predictions for the housing market. Learn how to stay ahead of the curve by joining us at the Income Property Management Expo on March 15, 2016, at the Pasadena Convention Center where real estate experts will be sharing their insight into the current economy and how your investment may be affected.


You’ll also learn more about legal trends, investing strategies, crime prevention, and marketing. Here is a quick snap shot of the speakers and time for each seminar:


The Latest Opportunities

For real estate investments & 1031 Exchanges

Speakers: William L. Exeter, 1031 Exchange Services LLC and Robert Tweed, Tweed Financial Services, Inc.


Sell High, Tax Low

What every real estate investor should know

Speaker: Tony Watson, Robert Hall & Associates


Legal Issues Traps and Trends

Stuff you must know to thrive and survive as a landlord

Speaker: Stephen C. Duringer, Duringer Law Group


Residential Assisted Living Academy

Turn a single family home into a cash flow machine!

Speaker: Gene Guarino, Residential Assisted Living Academy



The Southland Rental Market

A macro-to-micro perspective

Speaker: Ralph McLaughlin, Zillow Group


The World at your Fingertips

Important key global market highlights in order to ensure you are set up for success!

Speaker: Elizabeth Reynolds, Owner/Broker of Reynolds Realty Advisors


Building Your Buyer’s Box

Learn how multi-cultural markets have a direct impact on rents, growth, and asset valuations.

Speaker: John Wilhoit, President Wilhoit Investment Network, LLC.


Top 10 Things Today’s Landlord Must Know

Everything you need to know from marketing vacancies to minimizing litigation.

Speakers: Brian Gordon and Vincent Medina, Lotus Property Services


Maintenance, Habitability & Landlords Rights of Entry

Learn about your rights as a landlord and how to get back in control of your unit.

Speaker: Mike Brennan, Brennan Law Firm


Crime Prevention and Tenant Selection

Get education on how you can take steps to reduce crime on your rental properties.

Speaker: Leslie Born, Managing Attorney Law Group


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