Industry Products for 2010

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New Industry Products

This month we are featuring three new industry products that will help you save money, protect your tenants, and go green.

One2Flush revolutionizes the way you save money on your water bill. A couple of months ago we ran an article promoting One2Flush. Since then Apartment News has gone to fully backing the product. We have installed One2Flush in our own homes, and already started noticing the money being saved. Cutting the water used while flushing, apartment owners can save thousands on their water bills by installing this product in all their units. The more units you have = more $ saved. To get more information call (800) 931-6666.

A new safety product  that has caught our eye is Universal Burglar Alarm. The product is affordable, and can offer security to every tenant in your property. Designed to enforce the door from break-ins, burglars will not be entering your tenant’s apartment, meaning that tenant turnover will decrease due to their feeling of safety. To get more information call (800) 330-7045.

Another product that is gaining momentum is Scale Watcher. Scale Watcher is making its mark on the West Coast to be the new product to have. Designed to soften your water, it can have a monumental impact. It is your simple solution to hard water. Saves fuel costs, prevents scale, is easily installed and decreases your maintenance bills. To get more information call (714) 815-1724.

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