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Sandy Adams | President and Co-Founder – Rental Housing Network

rental-housing-networkIt has long been a passion of mine to educate property owners and managers on how to be a good, responsible landlord.   I finally decided to take my passion to next level and develop a company that would provide information and resources to help owners and managers manage their rental properties more professionally.    From this desire came the Rental Housing Network.

RHN (Rental Housing Network) is a resource center for all landlords, whether you are a new investors or a long time fee manager.  With the help of a few other experienced managers, we designed it to offer something for everyone.  Some of the benefits are:


Forms/Notices/Tenant Correspondence – RHN offers a variety of free rental forms.  Each form is customized to the profile provided by the individual member.

Education and Training – We offer education for the amateur investor to the skilled property manager.

Operational Support – We are often faced with unique circumstances that just aren’t covered in the textbooks.  As a member of RHN you can submit questions to our experienced team.  A little guidance can go a long way in avoiding costly mistakes.

Credit Reports – Placing qualified tenants can be one of the most important decisions you may make as a landlord.  RHN has partnered with CIC, a tenant screening service, to allow you to set up your own account to run easy to read tenant screening reports.

Legislative & Industry Updates – RHN continues to update our members with on-going changes in the rental industry, Fair Housing Laws and new legislation.  It’s so important to be informed to avoid costly mistakes.

Network – We’re all in this together.  There is a wealth of knowledge that can be attained by spending time with other professionals and sharing experiences.

Rental Listings- Members can list and edit their available properties through the RHN site.  The rental is then posted on a tenant friendly site, Rental Listing Network, where tenants can search for listings that meet their criteria.  Tenants love it because it is more secure than other sites and there is a low risk of being scammed.  Only RHN members can list their properties on our Rental Listing Network.

Resources- RHN provides members with a list of public and non-profit rental housing agencies.  In addition, all the informational guides and helpful notices on the website can be downloaded for free to our members.

There will always be a few shady landlords, just as there will always be a few dishonest tenants.  For those few it’s not a matter of education.  It’s a matter of ethics.  But for the majority of landlords who take pride in their investments and in being professional, RHN has something for you.


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