Learn The Benefits of Housing Choice Vouchers at LA Buildings Expo

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The federally-funded Housing Choice Voucher Program provides monthly rental assistance to very low income tenants provided through the local county or city Housing Authority. Known as Section 8, there are common misconceptions about this program and tenants that prevent property owners from taking advantage of the financial incentives and support programs available. For example, did you know most Section 8 tenants live in the same unit for an average of 7-8 years? These tenants come from all walks of life, are often elderly or disabled, and 33% are wage earners!

Did you know if you accept one Section 8 tenant, you are not required to rent your next available unit or vacant unit to another Section 8 tenant, and that evicting a tenant that violates a lease agreement is easier than you think? As for tons of forms, most of the paperwork is only required at the start of the lease. And, Housing Authority inspections are items most landlords would want inspected anyway before renting a unit!  Learn more about the Section 8 program benefits at the 2017 Los Angeles Buildings Expo on September 27 in Pasadena.



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