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3 Tips to Find the Perfect Security Partner for Your Property

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When it comes to high-rise property management, whether you’re working with big or small properties, there will always be a need for security to avoid risks to the property or the people living inside it. As a property manager, it is your responsibility to have all areas of the property safe and under control for everyone involved. From risks such as break-ins and theft to other issues like exterior damage and broken assets, the key is finding a security partner that can navigate them all.

But given the unique complexities involved with high-rise property management, how can you find a provider that’s right for you? After all, they must manage threats not only to the building itself but also to the residents and surrounding community. Even properties that have comprehensive digital security systems are still at risk of potentially dangerous situations. And vacant properties are often especially vulnerable to crimes like vandalism, squatting, and theft.

A reputable security partner will demonstrate proactive approaches to identifying and mitigating these risks, with the goal of being adaptable when incidents occur as well as finding ways to prevent them in the first place. Effective communication and collaboration are non-negotiable, as the provider should understand the intricacies of the property and align with the ethos of its management. This ensures a clear understanding of responsibilities and accountabilities.

As you consider your options, look for a security partner who will engage with you and understand the building, along with the community you’re working with. The right provider will offer clear and open lines of communication, educate you on potential risks, and create a space for feedback. It’s important to find someone that you can create a relationship with beyond the contract and who demonstrates genuine concern for the safety of the property they are working to protect.

While these security measures are indeed fundamental, they are just the tip of the iceberg. Here are a few other aspects to pay attention to when choosing the security partner that’s right for you:

1. Operational Autonomy and Emergency Management

A capable security partner should leverage their expertise for the benefit of the property. Implementing self-managing tools like sensors, alarms, and access controls within the building enhances tenant safety when a guard isn’t present. This comprehensive setup not only monitors access and restricted areas but also offers proactive security measures beyond mere surveillance. In times of emergency, the system can automatically trigger alerts, ensuring a timely response.

By creating, implementing, and maintaining a meticulously designed security infrastructure, the property can improve incident response capabilities and prevent potential threats before serious harm occurs. With the building operating securely, the community within it can flourish without fear.

2. Branding as a Customer Experience

Now more than ever, it’s important for security guards to blend into the background at places like high-rise commercial and residential buildings, where the customer experience matters. Security personnel must maintain a vigilant watch without imposing an intrusive or unwelcoming atmosphere upon residents. Moreover, these team members effectively become an extension of your brand identity. As a result, the way security personnel present themselves should be thoughtful and intentional. The provider might give you the option to customize the guards’ physical presence to a reasonable extent, from the uniforms they wear to the cars they drive, to help them align with the desired image of your brand.

Having a trusted security partner not only ensures the physical safety of the property and its residents but also the seamless integration into the community. When residents see the robust safety measures in place, they feel more supported, thereby enhancing the perceived reliability of your brand.

3. Communication and Feedback

Effective communication with your security partner is the cornerstone of success at every level. When it comes to security, emotional intelligence plays a pivotal role in the way the guards engage with your stakeholders. It’s about building trust through transparency and responsiveness, ensuring that decision-makers are informed and involved in the security strategy that protects their interests. Your security provider should go the extra mile to maintain open and frequent dialogue with staff, residents, and leadership. They should be available to answer questions and address concerns, and should tailor their communication to what works best for you, whether it’s monthly updates or policies that aid in disseminating important safety protocols.

Selecting a security partner is a strategic decision with far-reaching implications, especially for property managers. As you evaluate potential providers, consider these factors as non-negotiables for a relationship that will stand the test of time through the many challenges of property management. By doing so, you will lay the foundation for a partnership that not only protects your property but also nurtures a community that trusts your brand to keep them safe.

Written by Jamine Moton, Founder and CEO of Skylar Security

Jamine Moton is the Founder and CEO of Skylar Security, a company with a mission to set a new standard in the industry where security is addressed in a holistic way for both the service providers and recipient communities. Today, Skylar Security is a boutique household name with a network of 600+ security guards, servicing hundreds of clients, including the Super Bowl franchise (Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta and Super Bowl LIV in Miami), Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Hilton Hotels as well as celebrities and high net worth individuals and their families. And, she’s now launched The Collaborative, a network of like-minded entrepreneurs in the security industry who are dedicated to creating a safer world. Most recently, Jamine was recognized as part of the 2024 Inc. Female Founders 250 List.




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