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A common challenge for multi-resident, multi-story buildings is the frequency of plumbing repairs needed to keep waste water flowing freely out through drains, pipes, and outflow stacks. This problem can be especially acute in residential complexes where fats, oil and grease from in-home cooking accumulate all the way from kitchen drain traps to the common ground level drains.

Additional deposits of soap, hair, and other waste residue from bathroom showers, tubs, sinks and toilets add to the ongoing problem. Typically, this issue is dealt with as a maintenance budget line item for both plumber snaking at the unit level and the much more expensive jetting service applied to the inside of the common vertical outflow pipes, known as stacks. The annual cost for these services can easily top $10,000 or more, even in a modest-sized building with less than 100 units.


Many property managers and homeowner associations have discovered that regular application of biological cleaners, such as MegaMicrobes®, provide significant cost savings. In addition, this method is completely non-toxic and harmless to any type of piping material. It is not only considered safe, but also beneficial to the local environment by reducing the amount of sludge put into municipal sewer systems. This type of treatment, known as “bioremediation,” works for towering office buildings as well as 2-4 story condo apartments. Recently, we learned of how one large residential community has realized maintenance cost savings of more than $14,000 a year. (See case study.)

To understand the benefits of using a biological cleaner, it helps to understand how multi-floor plumbing systems work. Typically, waste water (“black” and “gray” water) flow out of the building through common top-vented vertical pipes known as stacks or soil-stacks. Between the stack and each unit are “tributary” pipes flowing from fixtures (toilets, sinks, etc.) These lateral pipes contain a dipped section that acts as a trap with sitting water that acts as a barrier to sewage gases coming into the fixtures; in most cases it is required that there is also a small venting release close to the fixture, usually inside the wall. The main venting of gases occurs at the top of the stack, generally located on the roof of a building. This same vent is intended to help maintain neutral pressure throughout the building and also allow aerobic bacteria to aid in sewage “digestion.”

At the bottom of the stack is the main drain which carries the waste water into a pipe running to the municipal sewage system.


Regular application of a high-quality, effective biological product like MegaMicrobes® can be easily and safely applied by maintenance staff or even the residents themselves. With a strong initial treatment followed by monthly or bi-weekly use of the bio-additive at the drain level of the building, natural enzymes and bacteria will go to work keeping sludge buildup to a minimum at the primary point where blockage occurs. Friendly bacteria will also eat its way into the sewage connecting pipes, providing a cleaner pathway away from the building. To supplement treatments at the ground floor, individual fixtures can also be treated where there are problems and as part of an overall “healthy” pipes program. This has been shown to dramatically reduce the need for expensive plumber visits.

Whether you decide to go forward with a trial program or your property is ready to commit to a long-term biomaintenance plan, keep in mind that not all so-named biological products are alike. The quality and quantity of the bacteria in the formula is the most important component of the treatment. Many off-the-shelf products offer very low pricing but actually have a much higher cost-per-use because they contain weak bacterial counts in very low concentrations. Pre-loaded enzymes and other ingredients will not provide the digestive power of high-grade microbial strains custom blended in very high cell counts.

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