“We Don’t Have Any…But,” Keeping A Leasing Call Positive

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media_xll_1507812Many apartment communities have a limited variety of apartment styles. If the occupancy wizard has smiled their way, they may have limited availability in various apartment styles. Nonetheless almost every leasing call is offered the same initial inquiry:

“What type of apartment are you looking for?”

The door is opened, the prospect ventures into the unknown, only to have the door slammed in their face.

  • We don’t have any three bedroom apartments.
  • We don’t supply washing machines and dryers in our apartment homes.
  • We don’t have any one bedrooms available..
  • We don’t have any covered parking.

The list goes on, and the leasing call has become negative and defensive before a chance for a relationship has an opportunity to develop.

Beginning a call with a cheerful attractive description of the property, and the invitation to tour the property at the prospects earliest convenience would be a more appropriate opening to the call:

“I’m so glad you called for some information about our apartment community. Let me get some information about you and the needs for your home, so I can assist you in making the important decision.”

From this point, the time frame for moving, number of occupants, pets, lease terms can all be discussed; with a closing that the property has a perfect home for them, and when can a tour be scheduled?

A property with limited availability in one bedroom apartment floor plans has a strategic plan to overcome this. Pricing, marketing the style as a one bedroom with study, emphasizing the potential value of the second bedroom for guests, work out equipment or a home office. But if the leasing call is opened with a “We don’t have any of those, or we don’t have any of those available,” there’s no opportunity to show the prospect how the available apartment can meet their needs.

The initial few minutes of a leasing call sets the tone for the conversation. The potential distraction of incoming calls, emails and text messages put even more emphasis on the quality of information shared when the prospect is offering the peak of their attention. As observed in most casual conversations, the attention span once estimated to 20 minutes has dwindled to less than 5 minutes. The opening of a leasing call will quickly determine the potential of the call growing to a visit.

Unlearning the response, “What size apartment are you looking for?” will be an uncomfortable process. It creates a true focus on the leasing conversation. Not unlike, learning to avoid the “How are you?” question, when time or interest is not going to support listening to the response.

Preparing for a leasing call, being mindful and focused on the conversation taking place can show the prospect the amount of interest and attention dedicated to them. Important items that will weigh heavily when making the decision to visit a property.

  • Keep the leasing call positive!
  • Avoid creating a “Our property doesn’t offer that, but…” introduction for the leasing call.
  • Control the conversation.
  • Sell the Apartment Features.

The potential for converting the call to a sale is just a step away.

Lori_Hammond Lori Hammond | Company Website | LinkedIn Connect |

Lori has 30+ years’ experience in the Property Management Industry, working with both market rate and affordable housing. Lori has been privileged to work with some tremendous industry leaders during employment tenures with Oxford Management, NHP Management, AIMCO, Alliance Residential, Boston Capital, The Sterling Group, P.K. Housing and currently Management Resources Development.



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