Final legislative votes planned on important housing bills

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d6530c_ccd87ec26bba41c58f184474c66fa8a5_jpg_srz_500_332_85_22_0_50_1_20_0Several bills that would affect the rental housing industry are a vote or two away from heading to the governor’s desk.

After the state Legislature returns Monday from its summer recess, they’ll likely take about two weeks to hold final hearings on the following CAA priority bills:


AB 447 (R-Maienschein) Insurance Discrimination – This bill would prohibit insurers from discriminating against a property owner who offers housing for tenants with Section 8 vouchers or who are in other low-income programs. The Senate floor vote is one of two final stops for this bill. If passed by the Senators on the floor, it will go to the Assembly floor for final confirmation.

AB 551 (D-Nazarian) – Bed Bugs – This bill specifies the duties of tenants and landlords with respect to bed bugs in residential rental property. CAA is working on a number of amendments that will be made to the bill prior to a vote. If approved in the Senate, the bill will need to go back to the Assembly floor for a final vote prior to going to the governor.

SB 761 (D-Hall) – Short Term Rentals – This CAA sponsored legislation requires short-term vacation rental websites such as Airbnb to provide disclosures to tenants. This is the last stop for this bill. If approved in the Senate, it will go to the governor’s desk for his consideration.


SB 328 (D-Hueso) – Pesticide Use – This bill requires a landlord or authorized agent who applies any pesticide without a licensed pest control operator to provide an affected tenant with written notice. As requested by CAA, this bill was amended to add clarification about the specific notice content, service methods, and tenants to be notified based on location of application and types of pesticides that will trigger the notice. This is the final vote for this bill prior to going to the governor.

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