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Our first item this month is the City of Glendale’s latest update to their long-standing Rental Rights Program. This update to the city ordinance took place in response to what tenants and tenant’s groups are referring to as “reno-evictions.” This is the term being commonly used for erroneously evicting a tenant based on “substantial renovations” that swept the state in the wake of the lifting of the eviction moratoriums last year in April.

Though the actual ordinance update has yet to be published by the city, be aware that if you wish to take possession of a unit based on renovating the unit, there will be special requirements, notifications, and in most cases relocation fees due to the tenant to be in full compliance with the ordinance. Parcels with four or fewer units are exempt.

Our second item concerns the proper notification of tenants regarding their rights under the Charter Amendment’s Article XVIII, otherwise known as the Pasadena Rent Stabilization Ordinance. The Pasadena Rental Housing Board has mandated that every property covered by Article XVIII must have the PRHB-General-Notice-to-Tenants posted in a conspicuous location in the lobby of the Property, near a mailbox used by all Tenants, or in or near a public entrance to the Property.

Property Owners and Property Managers are to use the city’s authorized notices, which can be found on the city’s website, as well as the Foothill Apartment Association website. These notices are free of charge and can be downloaded and printed directly from either site. These are to be served to each unit as you would any other notice. Hopefully, if you own rental property in the city of Pasadena you have long since issued and posted these notices. If not, please do, as they are essential in moving forward with any official business concerning the unit.

As has been previously reported, in order to issue a rent increase, or virtually any other official notice, an owner or manager must send a copy of the notice to the Pasadena Rental Housing Board at their email address If you fail to do this your notice can be invalidated and you would have to reissue said notice.


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