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This month we will look at the ongoing developments with the Pasadena Rental Housing Board, beginning with a correction. In our March update we omitted a letter in the email address landlords are to use for filing their legal notices with the PRHB. The correct address is

rentalboard@cityofpasadena.net The most common notice would be the “Change in Terms of Tenancy” used for raising the rent, but any official notice given should be cc’d to the Rental Housing Board as this is their way of verifying service until the Rental Registry is up and running later this summer.

The City’s newest department, the Rent Stabilization Department, has a new website.

This is where one can now find all the forms the PRHB has released thus far. The website address is https://www.cityofpasadena.net/rent-stabilization/ From this home page you can navigate to the Notices and Forms page where the city will be posting these from now on.

The Rental Housing Board has also announced their search for a permanent Rent Stabilization Department Director. To get updates join the Rent Stabilization Department’s mailing lists. Get notified about changes to rent stabilization regulations, upcoming events, and important deadlines. Access informative articles, guides, and videos explaining your rights and responsibilities as a tenant or landlord. You can sign up on the Department’s website.

On February 6, 2024, the Glendale City Council voted to adopt amendments to Glendale’s Rental Rights Program. And they too have built out a new website detailing these changes. You can find the home page at https://www.glendalerentalrights.com/

The most notable change concerns the relocation fee calculations exampled below: If a landlord increases the rent over 7%, say from $2,000 to $2,200. A 10% increase. If no banking is applied, the tenant has the option to ask for relocation and move. The relocation would be calculated as 3 x $2,200. Which would make relocation $6,600.

In the case of a qualified tenant, the calculation would be (3 x $2,200) x 2. Which would make the relocation amount for qualified tenants $13,200.

While the Relocation Assistance ordinance applies to most rental units, there are exemptions to be aware of, including: Rental units located on parcels with two or fewer dwelling units, Single Family Homes, Condominiums and Townhouses, Rooms or accommodations in hotels rented for less than 30 days, Properties with Certificate of Occupancy effective after 1995, and other limited circumstances. For all the details see the Glendale City website listed above, and if you need further clarification you can always call our office at the Foothill Apartment Association (626) 793-5873.

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