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Legal Updates, Strategy, Q&A with Dennis P. Block

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Presented by Real Estate Transition Solutions and Scott Properties Group

Get Dennis’ insights on the legal maneuvers he has been deployed to successfully deal with problem tenants who do not pay rent, cause a nuisance, damage property, or incur other types of lease infractions, and the strategies YOU can make use of TODAY to increase recovery of past due rent or evict your “bad actor” tenants! By joining us, you can gain an in-depth understanding of your rights as a rental property owner in today’s seemingly “upside down,” over-regulated world.


  • What’s new “out there” in the world of regulations?
  • Best practices for when and how can you evict today? Perhaps some strategies you’ve not yet considered?
  • What’s next out there on the horizon that may be a huge mess for landlords?
  • Is your building “cooling ready?” Is that even a “thing?”
  • How can YOU collect past due rent owed? What are some of the best strategies?
  • How to deal with difficult tenants that won’t communicate and won’t pay rent, or that are committing other “at fault” breaches of their lease.

Dennis P. Block is the founder and managing partner of the LAW FIRM OF DENNIS P. BLOCK AND ASSOCIATES. The firm specializes in residential and commercial eviction of tenants. Founded in 1976, the firm has become the leading eviction law firm in tenant eviction in the State of California. To date, the firm has handled over 200,000 tenant evictions in California. The Law Firm of Dennis P. Block and Associates is dedicated to serving the legal interests of landlords and income property owners whose property is in the State of California. Its clients range from the Federal Government, municipalities, banking institutions, management companies, to ‘mom and pop’ owners. The firm consists of 20 eviction lawyers, all specializing in landlord / tenant law who are also experts in Unlawful Detainer Jury Trials, Commercial and Foreclosure Evictions. For more information go to: www.evict123.com.


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