The Amazon of Real Estate Services Realizes 25.33% Month over Month growth in 2014

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1398463213884Dallas, TX (07 23, 2014) – The RRD, ( formerly The Rent Rite Directory), has grown into the one-stop-shop for services geared directly to the national real estate industry.  Many are beginning to call it “The Amazon of Real Estate” with its easy to use collection of real estate services.  The RRD offers all of the following real estate services with more on the horizon.

The RRD Real Estate Services:

1.            Tenant and Employment Screening

2.            Incident Reporting Database for communities

3.            Collection Services

4.            Neighborhood Email Alert System

5.            Vendor Search Engine

6.            Find Energy Providers

7.            Property Insurance

8.            Liability Insurance

9.            Renters Insurance

10.          Real Estate Job Board

11.          Rental and Sales multiple listing service (coming soon)

12.          Management Company referral program

13.          Ability to integrate with most Property Management software

The RRD originally launched as an incident reporting database for property owners and managers to keep track of skips, evictions, and other kinds of tenant activity.  “We originally built the site to fill a need.  No company had a Fair Credit Reporting Act compliant searchable database that was keeping track of individuals that had skipped out on their lease, or had damaged their rental units.   We worked with local attorneys and a few judges around the country to create this free, F.C.R.A. compliant database. ” said by co-founder, George Pino.

The RRD’s services quickly evolved to encompass a wider range of needs.  While the incident reporting database has remained free, clients continued to ask for additional services which The RRD has delivered every time.  Each added feature has proven to make the clients’ business more efficient not only in time savings but financial gain.  The RRD has gained market share from several new segments of the industry from Agents and Lenders to national REITs with these added features.  The RRD has increased growth by an average of 25.33% each month since January of 2014 and continues to add additional services to increase efficiencies for the majority of their clients real estate needs.

The RRD has the ability to be integrated into most property management software to make it easier to run reports right from the system they’re most familiar with.  Software companies that are interested in integration should contact The RRD at 1-855-733-2289.

The RRD will be launching a rental and sales multiple listing service within the next month, making it even easier to stay in one place on the web for your real estate needs.

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